On the Upgrade is a publishing series that explores the relationship between online artistic production and print publishing.

The series looks at the processes of translation of artworks that, originally created for, migrate to a different site, taking up different forms and formats, in print. On the Upgrade considers the possibilities, limitations and characteristics inherent in the movement between sites of creation, display, dissemination and engagement in relation to the increasingly broader notion of publishing.

On the Upgrade also functions as an offline archive of web-based artworks. Artworks that, with each new print project, respond to the site-specificity of the chosen format, a format conceived as an expansion of the original site of display, the artworks’ source (our website).


On the Upgrade — September 2011
With limited edition artworks by Patrick Coyle, Benedict Drew, Jamie George, Tamarin Norwood, Damien Roach and David Rule
Published by
Designed by Ken Kirton Studio, London
Screen printed postal box with 21 mixed labels, 47 x 31.5 x 2.5 cm
Text set in Matrix font
Edition series of 50, signed and numbered on reverse

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On the Upgrade — WYSIWYG
May 2013

With artworks by Jamie Allen, Renee Carmichael, David Horvitz, IOCOSE, Michael Kargl, Sara Nunes Fernandes, Julia Tcharfas, Maria Theodoraki and Richard Sides
Published by

Designed by Studio Hato, London

Perfect bound colour A5 paperback book, 14.8 x 21 cm, pp.116
Printed by
ISBN 978-0-9576741-0-3
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PDF version, pp.120
ISBN 978-0-9576741-1-0
Download it here