‘An empty postcard’, 2011

In ‘An empty postcard’ (2011), the viewer is invited to watch and share a series of valueless videos from YouTube. Sharing, a buzzword of Web2.0, is thus reversed in its meanings. It is exaggerated in its promises but doomed to result in an overload of empty noise.

‘An empty postcard’ (2011) is based on the videos received by artist group IOCOSE in the 2009 and 2010 editions of the NoTube Contest. The winner of the NoTube Contest is the participant who manages to find the most valueless video on YouTube. A good NoTube video cannot be summarized, does not offer any keyword for searching it, is not linked by any other web site, has not been discussed and cannot be discussed. Perfectly empty, unable to communicate, it is the ultimate video to be shared.