‘Acceleration vs. Compression’, 2011

Acceleration vs. Compression, 2011, by Rosa Menkman

I aimed to make a short audiovisual work, but once I had fnished it, I did not feel satisfed; I think it was because the sounds I created for the animation did not feel right.
The original video was compressed as an AVI Cinepak, which is an obsolete compression since its colour palette is not being recognised anymore – this is why the colours look so psychedelic –.
I decided to delete the sound and to shorten the piece into an animated GIF.
The compression of the GIF is an old fashioned compression that cuts out a lot of data in order to be able to be downloaded faster – it is a “save for the web” setting –.
The GIF will accelerate when it is loading.
To me this is a form of technological poetry, visualizing the story about deletion by compressions, in order accelerate.