’The Unknown (or 20+ Questions to Divine the Future)’, 2011


NOTE: This artwork went lost when the website of Steve was hacked. Below is a screenshot showing how it appeared at the time.


Things are changing, or perhaps not. Maybe it's the same old story, told more quickly. Technology has made us more efficient, but now there is more to do with the same brain and less time to ask questions. Meanwhile, companies are trying to be "more human" because computers don't buy things (not yet.) It's enough to drive anyone to drink, but not to worry, we can make you a new liver in the lab.
 This web-experiment is a place to ask questions and to get questions answered...as long as they have a yes or no answer. Straight talk. Together we can solve for the unknown. Is everything going to be ok? Yes or no? Probably no.

The Unknown (or 20+ Questions to Divine the Future)